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General Information

Lake Worth Lagoon Maps

  • Artificial Reefs [PDF]
  • Completed Projects (2008-2013) [PDF]
  • Oyster Monitoring [PDF]
  • Seagrass Monitoring [PDF]
  • Septic and Package Plants Within Lake Worth Lagoon Watershed [PDF]
  • Shoreline Characteristics [PDF]
  • Water Quality Monitoring [PDF]
  • Watershed [PDF]

Lake Worth Lagoon Management Plan

Lake Worth Lagoon Living Shorelines Workshop
April 20, 2010

Technical Resources

  • Lake Worth Lagoon Fixed Transect Seagrass Monitoring Report (2015) [PDF, 28 MB]
  • 2013 Lake Worth Lagoon Seagrass Mapping Project Report [PDF, 3 MB]
  • An Ecological Study of Photoautotrophs in Lake Worth, M.S. Thesis of Keren Bolter, August 2010 [PDF, 6.3 MB]
  • Survey of Select Eastern Oyster Populations in Lake Worth Lagoon, October 15, 2010 [PDF, 3.8 MB]
  • Lake Worth Lagoon Watershed and Stormwater Loading Analysis [PDF, ? MB]
  • Lake Worth Lagoon Spill Data and Wastewater Discharges, Florida Department of Environmental Protection [PDF, 4 MB]
  • Sediment Sourcing Study of Lake Worth Lagoon, 2009 [PDF, 4.9 MB]

Additional Resources

Lake Worth Lagoon

South Cove Natural Area, Lake Worth Lagoon
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